Loyalist Business Association

We recognize the importance of our entrepreneurs and small to large business owners in our community. Amoung the many positive impacts, they create jobs,  generate increased revenue, get involved and enhance the community. We are here to promote and advocate for all businesses in Loyalist Township.  


The Loyalist Business Association (LBA) is a non-profit volunteer run organization. We are dedicated to promoting awareness to our local businesses in Loyalist Township. When people shop local, our businesses thrive and so does the community.

What is a non-profit? It provides services to improve or benefit a community, with no goals to make a profit (the Lions Club is a non-profit). All income goes directly back to the community.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the Loyalist Township municipal government or any government entity, either provincial or federal.

Membership offers ALL businesses, including home-based, with these benefits:

More Exposure

  • You gain increased visibility with our free promotion of your business
  • Your business will be listed in the Loyalist Marketplace online business directory
  • Online advertising opportunities
  • We will promote YOUR business & marketing materials at events around the Township
  • We post YOUR business logo on our Social media pages and others
  • Future marketing opportunities and events


  • Business to business connections
  • Referrals & word of mouth
  • Casual networking & marketing events
  • Online chat forum for discussion, collaboration, questions, and tips with other owners