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Here, you can add/edit your business listing.

MEMBERSHIP: Click ‘SUBMIT LISTING’ (only when you first sign-up) to choose a
  FREE listing or a PAID membership. Create your listing and click
  ‘SAVE & PREVIEW’ when done.

PREVIEW CHANGES: After editing, do the following to see how it looks:
    – Click PREVIEW CHANGES. Click ‘EDIT’ if needed.
    – To leave editing,
click ‘DASHBOARD’. 
    – When you are finished, click ‘LOGOUT’.

STATUS: Initially displays ‘Pending‘ and will change to ‘Published‘ after we approve it.
  Your listing won’t be visible to the public until it’s Published.

MY PROFILE: Edit your profile. Its contents are only visible in the Chat Forum.

MORE/PAY NOW options – please do not use at this time.


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