Code of Conduct

All members must read our Code of Conduct carefully and ensure you understand and agree to it.

As a Corporation or Individual member of the LOYALIST BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (LBA), I/we recognize that membership is a privilege and that brings with it the responsibility to ensure that all members understand and commit to the following conduct:

Accordingly, I/we undertake to:

  1. Respect, support, and promote the LBA, its mission and members of the business community;
  2. When possible, participate in events and activities of the LBA and lend my/our business and/or professional expertise;
  3. Volunteer at least once per year to help at events, even if it’s just for an hour or two;
  4. Attend the Annual Meeting;
  5. Respond to emails promptly regarding polls, draws, and opinions on planning events for members;
  6. Play a role in the promotion, development and enhancement of business growth and activities in Loyalist Township;
  7. Conduct all business and professional activities in an honest, reputable manner to reflect honourably upon the Loyalist Township business community and fellow LBA members;
  8. Goods and services shall be advertised in accordance with all government legislation;
  9. Conform to all laws established by the government for the conduct of business;