Helpful Links for Business Owners

Below, you’ll find many “business tidbits” made available from Loyalist Township and L&A County. It gives business owners access to a vast amount of resources to help them grow and thrive! Some of the links include free business coaching, seminars, key information for new business startups, workshops, tools & resources, the township demographics, building, zoning, permits, licenses, procurement, economic development and many more!

Start, Expand & Grow Your Business

This section is a quick reference from the L&A County website where they have a wealth of helpful information such as business coaching, grants, incentives and more for business owners 

Benefits for Business

Start a Business 

    Expand a Business 

    Business Resources 

    Profile of Loyalist Township 

    The links below are a quick reference from the L&A County website where they have an abundance of helpful information for businesses.  

    Loyalist Profile 

    • Population & age distribution 
    • Education Attainment 
    • Labour Force 
    • Businesses & Jobs 

    Property Search 

    Occupation Data 


    Labour Force 

    Doing Business in the Township

    This section is a quick reference from the Loyalist Township website where they have very detailed resources of all things business!  

    Business & Development 

    Advertising and Sponsorship

    Building and Construction

    Planning & Zoning 

    • Consent 
    • Lift holding provision 
    • Lift part-lot control 
    • Minor variance 
    • Official plan amendment 
    • Rezoning 
    • Site plan approval 
    • Subdivision and condominium

    Building, Plumbing & other permits 

    • Additions and renovations 
    • Decks 
    • Farm buildings and structures 
    • Garages 
    • House 
    • On-Site Sewage 
    • Pools and hot tubs 
    • Wood stoves 
    • Permit fees 
    • Development Charges 
    • Works/impost (connection fees) 
    • Other fees and deposits 
    • Building by-law & resources 
    • Other regulating authorities 
    • Building Statistics 
    • Call Before You Dig 
    • Heritage Designation Permits 
    • Online Permit Information 
    • Online Building Portal 
    • Printable Building Permit Applications

    Economic Development 

    • Business licenses 
    • Community profiles 
    • Loyalist East Business Park 
    • Start, move, or expand a business 
    • Land use planning 
    • Industrial and Brownfields Community Improvement Plans 
    • Building permits 
    • Business directory 
    • Resources for business 
    • Procurement (bids and tenders) 
    • Maps 

    Infrastructure Master Plan

    Planning and Development 

    • Amherstview West Secondary Plan 
    • Bath Heritage Conservation District plan 
    • Official plan 
    • Planning applications 
    • Site plan control 
    • Zoning By-Law, Zoning Schedules

    Infrastructure Projects 

    • Township Projects 
    • Subdivisions and Site Plans Under Construction 
    • Completed Projects 

    Maps and Apps 

    • Cemeteries, Churches, Designated Structures, Golf Courses, Industrial Parks, Parks, Parrot’s Bay, Garbage & Recycling Schedule,  Township Transit Map, Township Ward & Poll Map


    • Current Procurement Opportunities 
    • Become a Vendor for the Township 
    • Steps to Become a Vendor for the Township 
    • Unofficial Results (of publicly-opened tenders): Township’s Procurement Portal 
    • Helpful Documents 
    • Methods of Procurement 
    • Low-Cost Purchases (under $10,000) 
    • Invitational or Informal Quotations 
    • Request for Quotation (RFQ) 
    • Request for Tender or Invitation to Tender (RFT or ITT) 
    • Request for Standing Offers 
    • Non-Standard Procurement

    Water and Sewer 

    • Call Before You Dig 
    • Private Wells and Septic Systems 
    • Sanitary Sewers 
    • Water and Sewer Billing 
    • Water Quality 
    • Bulk Water for Commercial Users 
    • Utilities Emergencies 
    • Water Information 
    • Protect your water meter during cold months 
    • Sanitary sewer information 
    • Our mission 
    • Water & sewer connection fees 
    • Other utilities 
    • Service Line Warranties of Canada offers warranty to home owners 
    • Modified Water Pressure in Bath 

    Applications, Licenses and Permits 

    • Business Licences 
    • Entrance Permits 
    • Event Planning and Applications 
    • Excavation Permits 
    • Applications, Licences and Permits 
    • Excavation Permits 
    • Fill Removal and Placement Permits 
    • Kennel Licencing 
    • Livestock Claims