About Us

The Loyalist Business Association was incorporated in May of 2023. We are a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers. It was created to support both small and large businesses to grow and thrive in our community.  

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT affiliated with the Loyalist Township municipal government or any government entity, either provincial or federal.

Our mission is to foster a sense of fellowship in our community and build a voice for local business owners in the mutual pursuit of continued growth, health and economic success. We are engaging our community to shop local which offsets residential taxes and provides important goods and services to the area.

Our Past

Loyalist Township is situated on the ancestral lands of the Haudenosaune, Michi Saagig and Omamiwinini Peoples. Over time, settlers arrived and in 1784 the Empire Loyalists settled in the Bath area and by 1785 there were 6,000 people. At that time, businesses relied solely on word-of-mouth to attract new customers. 

Our Present

We have come a long way since 1784!With a population of over 18,000, the Township is made up of three large communities: Amherstview, Bath and Odessa and other communities including Amherst Island, Millhaven, Morven, Odessa, Stella, Switzerville, Violet and Wilton. Businesses still rely on word-of-mouth to get customers, however todays options are far beyond our ancestors wildest dreams. However, some of those options are too costly for many businesses. The Loyalist Business Association is here to HELP! 

Our Future

With our continuing growth, we are dedicated to improving the visibility of ALL businesses within the Township (both home-based and brick & mortar). In doing so, we are enticing new businesses to move here. It’s forecasted that our population could be 23,280 by 2046!